When you're finished writing your first post on Vocal, click on "Submit for Review" on the top right corner.

Once hitting "Submit for Review," you will be prompted to "Choose a community to submit your story."

Choose one of the sites provided by clicking on the logo. This is the site/community you will be submitting your work to.

Once selecting a site, a "Tags" section will appear. You must select three tags to continue.

You can select the tags by using the drop-down feature on the "Tags" box.

Once you have selected a Site and Tags, you may click on "Submit for Review" to submit your piece.

To exit submitting a post, click on the "X" in the top right corner. This will bring you back to the Draft Editing Page of your post.

If you do not see a submit button, please make sure you have filled out all fields in your post. More information on that here

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