The Vocal editor is where you create your posts. Once published, they will be shared with the community.

To create a new post, select "Create Story" from the menu bar.

The Vocal editor is simple, easy, and seamless. What you see when creating your post, is what your readers will see.

You can modify selected text with the text toolbar. This will allow you to format it.

You can also add photos, products, videos, and galleries.


When you're finished, press "Submit for Review" to put the finishing details on your work.

Choose one site, and three tags, then hit “Submit” again to send your post to our team of moderators.

You will not be able to "Submit for Review" if you do not have a Title, Subtitle, Featured Image/Video, and a text module.

Editing and Changing Modules

In the Vocal Editor, you are not able to drag and drop modules to rearrange them. To add a new module between modules, please click the "+" button.

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