Reasons We Decline Content: 

  • Article contains plagiarized content.
  • Article does not meet word count minimum of 600 words (or 100 words for poetry submissions).
  • Content contains inappropriate material, nudity, or NSFW content.
  • Content does not fit within the subject matter of the site. 
  • Content does not meet quality standards. 
  • Content includes copyrighted material.
  • Content is published elsewhere.
  • Content asserts or implies personal attributes or beliefs.
  • Images do not meet quality standards.
  • Article is in a Language Other Than English

Along with a notification stating the reason(s) for which your post is disapproved, you'll receive a note from our Moderators adding more detail about the reason.

If you receive a notification including one of these disapproval reasons, please adjust your content and resubmit. Once your content meets these standards, you'll be published on our network!

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