By signing up for a Vocal account, you have access to publish on multiple niche sites (with more on the way).

The community serves to share and amplify everyone’s content – which is key for being rewarded for your work. All published pieces are monetized on your account – and the internal dashboard allows you to view how many “reads” each of your pieces receive, and how much you have monetized.

The infrastructure and community that Vocal is built on, from our social network to SEO integration on the sites and several other factors, is created to draw in readers with a specialized interest in these topics, and to create a sustainable, long-form and long-term way to share and profit from your content.

Vocal encourages your content to be shared with people who are interested in reading it. Instead of publishing on a blog, where you have to create your own audience, Vocal comes with a built-in audience who is already interested in what you have to say.

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