In order to submit your story to a community, you need to have:

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Featured Image/Video
  • Minimum 600 Words*
  • Please be sure that your story fits within the genre of one of our sites, found here.

*Word Count Exception: For poetry, the word count minimum is 100 words.

Reasons We Disapprove Stories

If your story does not follow any of the guidelines below, it will be rejected and send back to you for edits:

  • Story contains plagiarized content.
  • Story does not meet word count minimum of 600 words.
  • Story contains inappropriate material, nudity, or NSFW content. 
  • Story does not fit within the subject matter of the site. 
  • Story does not meet quality standards. 
  • Story includes copyrighted material.
  • Story is published elsewhere.
  • Story asserts or implies personal attributes or beliefs.
  • Images do not meet quality standards.
  • Story is in a language other than English.

Our moderators will either publish or send your story back for edits within 24 hours.

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