The stages of review are as follows:

Draft: Your story is a draft while it’s still being edited, all the way up until you submit it for review. The option to “Submit for Review” will become available to you once you’ve included a title, subtitle, featured image or video, and some text content. You can find all of your current drafts under the “Draft” heading in your Stories page.

Submitted/In Review: Once you’re happy with your draft, you can submit it. When the story is successfully submitted, it’s sent to our Moderation Team, who will review it to be sure it meets all of our community guidelines. They either publish the story, or send it back to you for edits. All drafts that have been submitted, but not yet published, can be found under the “Submitted” heading in your Stories page.

Published/Not Approved: If your story is approved by the moderation team, it’ll no longer be a draft—instead, it’ll be published! This means that it’s live on the site, and you can access it with its own unique URL. All of your previous drafts that have been published live under the “Published” heading on your Stories page.

If your story is not approved, it’s still a draft. This means that it’s still editable, allowing you to make any changes specified and then resubmit.

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